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Product Mastery Pathway

Master the science and art of Product Management

6 Months of Support

Starting with two days of interactive workshops, you and your cohort are then supported with monthly half day coaching sessions, before a final two days of workshops


Not an Entry Level Course

This is not a course suited to those looking to enter Product Management. It raises the skills of those already practicing, focusing on the human skills needed to succeed


Lifetime Support

Mastery is our differentiator, so accompanying the 6 month course is the book, online courses and community you will have access to for life

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Accredited from the Agile Mastery Institute

Founded by Geoff Watts and based on his bestselling book "Product Mastery, from Good to Great Product Ownership", the Product Mastery Pathway comes with an accreditation.


As opposed to a generic one-off product management training course, the Product Mastery Pathway™️ is a structured support system that guides students through the application of theory to their real-word challenges over time.

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